Eugène JOORS ( 1850 - 1910 )

Eugène Joors was a Belgian Realist painter of portraits, still-lifes, animals and landscapes. He received his artistic education at the Academy of Antwerp under the tutorship of Polydore Beaufaux, Nicaise de Keyser en Joseph Van Lerius from 1865 until 1870. Afterwards he himself became a teacher of still-lifes at the Academy of Antwerp in 1886, a fascinating subject of which he shared the same passion for as his contemporary Frans Mortelmans. Joors exhibited his oeuvre in Antwerp from 1879 onwards. He obtained a golden medal in Munich in 1889, he even sold his painting "Amazone" to the Prince Regent of Bavaria. He co-operated with Charles Verlat on the "Battle of Waterloo" panorama work. Joors became one of the most important colourists of his time, therefore he was knighted in the "Order of King Leopold". He was a member of the artistic group "Als Ik Kan" and "De Scalden".